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automatic emergency resource tracking and accountability system  
  • One-Button Start, Nothing to Deploy
  • Automatic Check-in & Unattended Operation
  • Incident & Time-On-Scene Clocks

  • Location & Assignment Selction
  • Summary & Detailed Post-Incident Reports

  • Designed to Meet NIMS & NFPA Requirements

  • Export to Excel or PDF Files

  • Compatible with ERT Central ™

  • Tags Interoperable With Any OnSite ERT™ System

  • Economical pricing starting at just $8,500

New from ERT Systems, the leader in wireless accountability and tracking: OnSite Basic™, an economically-priced system that provides automatic accountability and reporting in a compact, easy-to-use package.

Using OnSite Basic

OnSite ERT’s personnel tags are “always on” and kept with each firefighter’s turnout gear, so there’s no need to remember to pick up a tag or turn it on. Because of this, OnSite Basic is extremely easy to use, with just 3 steps:

1) Turn on the laptop and start the P.A.R. program while on route.

2) Upon arrival on-scene, press the Start Incident button

Within a few seconds, OnSite Basic will automatically display the list of all personnel on scene. New arrivals will also appear automatically.

3) When the event is over, press the End Incident button.

Back at the station, print or save the incident report in Excel or PDF format, listing everyone who was on scene, when they arrived, and how long they stayed.

Additional Features

  • During an incident, you can manually set assignments and locations via simple drop-down lists. P.A.R. will track time-in-assignment automatically (useful in following SOPs) and add that information to the reports.
  • If you have multiple systems, or if your mutual-aid partners use OnSite Basic or OnSite ERT, ERT Central™ will keep them all synchronized and up-to-date.

ERT Systems offers OnSite ERT & OnSite Basic in a range of configurations including sale or lease, as well as grant-writing support and integration with 3rd-party systems. Contact us today at (800) 786-1387 for more information!

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Automatic Check in Using Color Coding

Detailed Post-Incident Reporting

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