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"Being a small department and using mutual aid with another small department has made accountability tough thru out the years. We had the standard Velcro par tags that were left at the trucks for someone to pick up when they got a chance. Now as a safety officer I can show up at the very beginning or after the scene is established and see who is on scene, who is in the hot zone and who I have available in staging with just a glance at the computer screen. I even know who my mutual aid responders are on scene. Also as other units arrive I know almost immediately who and how many personnel I have available on that unit."

"We have only had the system up and running for just over two months and have had more than 6 incidents where it has improved our accountability from who do I have and where are they to I have 12 people active on scene and they are in this general area working or in a safe area and ready to go to work if needed. Our department is still working and training with the system to use it to its full capability, but even as a new user I see the benefits for safety and accountability. "

Training Officer Karl Holtkamp, Okeechobee County Fire Rescue

"As we looked for technology to improve safety and accountability, we struggled to find anything on the market that was easy-to-use and not labor intensive, until we found OnSite ERT,”

“We put OnSite ERT to the test and even used the product at a live burn. With OnSite ERT you simply turn it on and it will find and track all of the resources at the scene.”

“It’s a great solution for volunteer fire departments where we don’t have the resources to implement complex solutions.”

Chief Damon, Cambridge Twp., MI Fire Department

“We were impressed with the OnSite technology, ease of use and customer references,” “This solution is light years ahead when compared to the manual tracking of resources and the older technologies that are on the market today.”

Chief Royston, Delhi Twp., MI Fire Department

"I was looking to replace our old accountability system with something more modern. I wanted to be able to track my firefighters on scene, instead of just know who was there. OnSite ERT was the only product that offered the real-time tracking I was looking for and I immediately knew it would improve safety”. “The ease of use and deployment of the OnSite ERT System was also very attractive”

Chief Hewko, Dayville, CT Fire Company

"A fire is a dynamic and fluid environment where firefighters move through different roles quickly". “And we’ve been in situation where we’ve lost track of personnel or they weren’t where we expected them to be, so when we saw this technology, it intrigued us.”

“I was able to see every single firefighter that was on scene". “It also gave me the tools I needed to account for my personnel, take a roll call and provided alarms to when they might be running low on air.”

Deputy Chief Marion, Englewood, NJ Fire Department

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